You feel a tug that pulls you backward.
Momentarily stopped in your tracks,
you look behind in surprise
only to see that which holds you back
is your own fear


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We see only that which is behind us
and occasionally, if we’re aware,
we see that which surrounds us as we are now.

So we walk forward,
We have eyes on the back of our minds
and on the soles of our feet
but this does not help us move forward.

So then, what senses must we use
to guide us on our path?
For if all we can see is what’s behind
(remnants of what was)
then we are not meant to see what’s ahead


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your inspiration
impregnates me with potential
and I give birth
to things I didn’t know that I
could grow inside me.

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Pointing homeward

Somewhere out there I believe there’s a star

that points me in the direction of home,

and that this star creates a light fractal

that mirrors the design that is in my heart;

I will know the way home

because the star is whispering to me

“You were me once; come home.”



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Hello to you

Who I know from

lives which can no longer claim me

I recognize you through tears;

They streak the windowpane

Of the glass house

That resides around

who I am now.



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When she’s alone

When she’s alone
she cries out
To let her feel
Her soul
Moving like water
She wants to know
How it makes its way
Through the cracks
That make up her inner canyons

Let her be inside
The ocean waves
As they crash upon
Her sandy shore
Where she can be
A part of the change
Rather than let the change
Take over her
And be left unaware

When she’s alone
She cries out
To feel the force
Of thundering floods
That break the temple
That she’s built
Inside of her
From everything
That she has been

How does it feel
To be torn apart
And to rebuild again
From a beginning that
She never expected
Eyes open wide
To see the force
Required to make
Her whole being awaken

When she’s alone
She cries out
To be released
From all that binds
And let go of what
no longer serves
And everything
is a mirror
Reflecting all
She’s been so far

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It’s time to go

It’s time to go.

Does that scare you? Did you just brush your hand down your shivering arm, now covered in goosebumps? Did you wrap yourself around whatever it is you’re holding on to just a little bit tighter?

It’s time to let go.

It’s time to gently unwrap your fingers from whatever it is you were holding onto with such ferocity.

Let go and reach up to the stars instead, fingers open and tender, perhaps trembling, perhaps steady.

When you lay there sleeping, you were enough.  You’re still enough. But now that it’s time to awaken, you are ready for more.  What needs to die to allow the next phase of YOU to come into being?  There’s a warrior in you waiting to feel her first breath.  There’s a moon in you ready to wax full.  There’s a field of wildflowers in you awaiting the sun’s morning kiss.  Are you afraid to become more than you were, afraid that you are dark and unholy?  Each time you tell me you’re dark and twisted I will tell you are born from the stars; do you think you shine any less than they? If you don’t believe me when I tell you this, don’t worry, something in you does believe me and I can see it stirring beneath the ashes.  This is your Phoenix, beginning…breathing….rising. Your timeline for the inception of this rising is your own.

Open your lips and breathe in, letting fresh air infuse your body.  Your body is your own and no one can say it’s time to be more.  No one has that right except for you. Do you wonder when is the right time to let go of who you were and become the next version of yourself? Only you have the power to answer that question.

Do you find yourself raising your face to the sky and asking for  a sign that it’s time?  No one can tell you about time except for yourself, for time has its own meaning depending on if you ask a dragonfly, a tree, a fox, a river, a rock, or the stars.  And your time will differ from all of these.  Let your heart be an alarm clock to tell you when it’s time to awaken.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Your body knows.  Your body is tuned, whether you’re aware of it or not, to your spirit and soul.  Allow it to be a conduit and tell you the answers you so wildly seek.

A shiver.

A pulse.

A gut-feeling.

A restlessness.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

If you feel like a wild thing, then you are on the right track.  If you find you understand the language of the wolves, then you are on the right track.  If you think you feel the slightest pulse of heartbeat from deep under the ground you stand on bare-footed, then you are on the right track.

If you are following the whispered beckoning of the wind, keep going and don’t look back.

Don’t look back, just go.

Just go.



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