An end is just a beginning of something new

Sometimes there is no magic ritual
no lighting of a fire and placing objects in sacred orientation

Sometimes there’s just packing up what was
and moving into what is

Maybe there are tears
maybe there aren’t

Maybe you hurt
maybe you don’t

But all  things come to an end
in their own time

All you can do is accept the end
when it says it’s time

Pick up the bones
and piece together something new

I think you’ll be surprised
at what you can create

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true love

True love is listening to all those voices in your head
tell you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough,
beautiful enough, man enough, woman enough
and then telling yourself that
You Are.


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If you can feel all the ways
in which I love you,
then you know all the ways
in which I love myself


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I won’t apologize
For the How and Why of me
I won’t apologize
for the wit on my tongue
or the openness of my emotions
which flow from my touch
as ink flows on parched paper
I won’t apologize
for the weight of my words
which have the power to
weigh you down or lift you up
depending on where you let them
settle in your body

I won’t apologize
for my falling apart
or my joining of seams,
(both require something sharp-edged
and one should not fear of the outcome of either)
for both hold potential
for creation of something new
which is to be celebrated
and not feared
I won’t apologize
when my gaze doesn’t give
the answer you want
or when my words fill you with
and if you don’t
know what to do with
the emotions I stir up in you
then I bow down to your
fragile yet insistent humanity

I won’t apologize
for lifting another woman
up instead of casting the
first stone
and I sure as hell
won’t tell her
what she should
do, be, wear, create
for her life is her own
and sister, I celebrate you

I won’t apologize
for taking what I want
and leaving what you need
I won’t apologize
for not telling you where to find me
and not leaving you a map
but letting you find your way
with tentative brushing of fingertips
along rocky spine and pale skin

I won’t apologize
for the way
in which I love

For it is with all of me



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the shape of morning

The only shape the morning holds is that which can fit the love you give it.  The dawning day serves only to offer you things that have not yet been, so treat it with kindness.

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When you shatter

When you shatter
may all the pieces show you
what it feels like to
know you were whole once

When you shatter
from the weight of footsteps
on the tenderest parts of you,
may you know what it’s like
to let someone know you intimately
even with the full knowing
that you may not make it out
in one piece

When you shatter
may you be put back
together in a way
that lets you know that
you lived through an
experience that
showed you all the places
within you that are capable
of experiencing pain

When you shatter
may you know that moments exist
where all of the splintered parts of yourself
resonate in agreement that yes,
for just this moment, everything is right
even when you’re sure that
everything is wrong

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I came to live my life, but found a thousand reasons to live someone else’s version of it.


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