I came to live my life, but found a thousand reasons to live someone else’s version of it.


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Finding yourself

That contraction
in your center of gravity;
you know the place,
the space where you tuck
the little pains of life
and where your deepest
cries come from.
right there,
is where you need to look
for all the ways in which
you walked away
from the truth of you.
Don’t look outside here
for you won’t find yourself.
You will find yourself here,
in your place of greatest aching.

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You feel a tug that pulls you backward.
Momentarily stopped in your tracks,
you look behind in surprise
only to see that which holds you back
is your own fear


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We see only that which is behind us
and occasionally, if we’re aware,
we see that which surrounds us as we are now.

So we walk forward,
We have eyes on the back of our minds
and on the soles of our feet
but this does not help us move forward.

So then, what senses must we use
to guide us on our path?
For if all we can see is what’s behind
(remnants of what was)
then we are not meant to see what’s ahead


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your inspiration
impregnates me with potential
and I give birth
to things I didn’t know that I
could grow inside me.

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Pointing homeward

Somewhere out there I believe there’s a star

that points me in the direction of home,

and that this star creates a light fractal

that mirrors the design that is in my heart;

I will know the way home

because the star is whispering to me

“You were me once; come home.”



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Hello to you

Who I know from

lives which can no longer claim me

I recognize you through tears;

They streak the windowpane

Of the glass house

That resides around

who I am now.



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