A glimpse into my soul

Who is worthy of my heart?  Is there one alive that could contain my mighty spirit, my unquenchable passion?  If there is such a one, I have not met him yet.  Oh I have felt love, always fleeting, moments of passion come and gone with the morning’s clear conscience.  What I have felt is transient, momentary, like a child’s joy of a sweet.  Immensely enjoyed while it lasts, but forgotton once gone.  I want to know what it’s really like.  I want to meet that one, and never be parted from his side again.  To have to tell my wild heart to cease it’s frenzied beating, but be unable to.  I want to have someone who longs to spend a lifetime trying to understand the love he has built up in me, drawing it out of my soul to mingle with his.  Can you see this when you look into my searching eyes?  Discern what I want from behind my smile?  Is there one who would rise to the challenge?  I would wake up every morning to a flaming rose of love whose petals will never wither, but will only grow more beautiful each day.  I want someone who will cross valleys and mountains to be by my side.  One who would never rest until he lies beside me, his love for me infallible.  Love to me is more than a feeling; it is tangible, sliding through the air on a glance, a touch like electricity.  Slipping through the cracks of my spirit like on glass until I am overflowing like a dam about to break.  I don’t know if I am worthy of this love, I only know that I long for it, and if there is one who I am worthy of to share this love will not be disappointed.  It will not break my heart to know that this is not what I will find on earth, because one does love me with such intensity.  Can’t you feel Him calling you?  This unsureness that you feel, the longing for something else, something more.  Find out what it is.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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