Breathe Easy

Think often of the connections you have with others.  The shared joy of an amazing moment, the quietness of a deep friendship.  Do not dim down the expressions of love that come raging through your body like the sudden appearance of a thunderstorm.   Stand in bliss in the torrential downpour that catches you unaware.  The dangerously beautiful lightning bolt that rips through the atmosphere like scissors to paper.  Get lost in the moment.  Do not hold onto your joy jealously, but live it.  Take the time to marvel at the softness of a baby’s skin, the warmth of a horse’s soft breath, notice with awe the blaze of color that a field of dandelions provides.  Take time to truly appreciate the miracles of this earth that are present all around, such as the cycle of a plant going seed-to-seed.  Spend 5 minutes watching the way steam spirals out of a cup of coffee or tea, marvel at the way heat is felt from a flame, and it seeps into your bones.  How truly amazing is life, how lucky are you to be alive to experience this?  There is always beauty and hope, even among a devastating drought, or a war, or a wildfire.  You don’t even need to look for it, it is just there, waiting to be noticed.

We are alive, and meant to experience the profound mystery of life.  We have the innate ability to appreciate beauty, create it, be it.

I am happy to know you, to have had a passing word with you, perhaps a shared moment.  And I thank you for what gifts you have given me.  Be aware that you pass through my thoughts.  Maybe not as much as another, maybe more.  I pray you are well, and always seeking more, seeking growth.  Take a moment today to notice something beautiful, that brings you joy.  Whatever that might be.

In my mind I am not where reality sets me.  My daydreams consist of wandering a lonely, but intriguing path.  The woods, the desert, the meadow.  A deer bounds by and I flee with her; her newborn leaping with the joy that all know at one time.  As life sweeps you up and takes you along on a ride, your perspectives change and slowly your unbounded joy recedes into the wisdom of age.  Then comes the truth that death holds.  That silvery shadow that comes with no warning, touching on the edge of your mind.  And then perspective changes once more and a new direction is chosen.  The ever swirling winds of the universe coax your soul into the frenzy.  The capricious nature of the universe surrounding you as yet again your being, once solid, evanesces and fades into the black.  It once held you in the palm of its hand, and then in a game of trusting to new discoveries it slowly lets you go so that you may learn and grow from the experience of fear.

Rise up my darling, and come with me

Take me to a place where we may run free

The wind is my shadow

the sun is your crown

What a wonderful place to be.

Take me to a place

Where I can see your face

made up of the light of the moon.

Now upward we bound, off and away

The essence of our beings hold sway

over our minds

over our bodies

and full of life in the light of the day.

And nothing is real

except what you feel

And that is all right with me.

Come let us twirl, let us leap in the air

For the morn is cloudless and fair

All around us is life

and your breath takes you in

Our destination is everywhere.

Let your desires

be what transpire

As we roam throughout the day.

Take everything in, you are light as a feather

I promise to love you forever

I’ll give you my hand

To hold near your heart

It’s us among the world together

I will always be beside you

And the earth always provides you

All you need to be fully alive.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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