Early Morning Poetry

The Universe conspires
God breathes out
and the snow falls
lessening the impact

Dreamers only
We see the impossible
Broad visions of day
And the light reveals life

Drawn out from the heart
Your thoughts are delicate
Entangled with the earth
In every possible way

We breathe as one
in a million different places
together we shall stand
or together we shall fall

See the moon,
a painter’s final touch
the careful swirl of intent.
Who will remember to thank
the moon for her light?
The waters sift through the earth
murmuring to each other of what they could be,
their spirits not forgetting who they once were.
For long ago,
even the rocks were given purpose
their molecules trembling
for human thoughts are powerful
and they have not forgotten.
For long ago is now,
but it is also far into the future;
time is just a human device for control
but who can control their creator?
And all the spirits of the earth
lie latent with potential
waiting to be given a purpose,
but what purpose shall that be?
Do we let darkness prevail,
Or will we let the light
weave its being through
the very core of our thoughts?

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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