I can’t believe it’s not butter

“not butter? then what the hell did I just eat” spread

“I still say it’s butter” spread

“After all the damage you’ve done to this family with your habitual lying and deceit, you still have the nerve to sit there straight-faced and tell me this isn’t butter?” spread

“I’m pretty sure that was butter” spread

I’m comfortable calling this butter” spread

“This challenges everything i’ve ever believed about butter” spread

“I’m not entirely sure this is edible” spread

“I’m willing to suspend disbelief about this being butter for about as long as it takes me to eat this toast” spread

“In the absence of actual butter, sure I’ll play along” spread

“I guess you could call it butter, if you don’t put any in your mouth” spread

“I can’t believe it’s so flammable”  spread

” Am I wrong about God, too?” spread

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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