Be still my wild heart

Cease your frantic beating

For you will get what you desire

In the darkness, moonlight fleeting

Away we’d flee into the stars

My heart would beat in time with yours

We would linger in the night sky

Looking down upon the shores

Eternally living never dying

For time can’t take what’s mine for keep

Breathing slowly walking surely

Ever toward that which I seek

Can you not see the truth hidden

Behind my shaded eyes

Slipping from behind my smile

Drawn out slowly from the lies

Your bright light it grows more steady

See how darkness flees from it

With each savage twist as darkness convulses

And in the end flees bit by bit

With every breath drawn deeply in

Bringing us closer to our sure fate

Be not blind on the path you follow

For surely you’ll miss what lies in wait

And as we slowly open our eyes

We can see the beauty we’ve spun

Coming with the dawn is Hope

Coming to bind two hearts now one.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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