I found this in a forum that Paulo Coelho posted about soulmates, it is a response someone gave:

Is is necessary to fall in love with a soulmate? Can you become just good friends? Could he be some ordinary person on the street?

Does the universe ultimately allow one to meet his soulmate? Or does anybody ever pass away from this world without getting the chance to meet his soulmate?

What if you met your soulmate? Does he stay forever? Does he ever walk away?

It gave me pause, because it made me think. I’m not sure what I think on the subject of soulmates. I believe in them, because I believe we are all one. I believe that different parts of our souls are experiencing different realities at all times, and that some part of our soul is realizing an intense reality at any one time with another part of a ‘separate’ soul, and in that sense can be considered soulmates, and that you will meet that part of the soul again some other time. Does that make sense? I’m very tired right now, I just wanted to post something on the subject while it was fresh in my mind. I’ll try to expound later.

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