What love is to me

One of my friends on facebook asked my definition of love.  They said they were studying what love meant to people, so were asking various people on what they thought.  This was my reply:

Love to me is everything (have you noticed the tattoo on my foot? haha) and is everywhere. It is in the way the birds sing in the morning with the rising sun. It is in the way the flowers open their petals to the bee. It can be found in the way an organism lives and respects the life form it has been given, just by doing what it was made to do.

In regards to humans, love is giving everything you have to help a cause that you believe in. It is way more than that to me, but I could spend all day writing about what love is to me.

Love’s language is actions, and not words. And it is a beautiful feeling that just fills your body from head to toe with something more than joy, or gladness, or mere happiness. Because love is something different than, yet connected to, all those other emotions. So it should feel similar, yet different.

Love is everything

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I am a learner.
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