When words fail, emotions take over

When do words fail you?  They fail you when not one is the right one, when no word in any language can be used to make what you’re thinking understood.  Dare I even try to speak what I feel?  How can I?  I feel the way a bird feels when the first rays of light break across the open universe to awaken those sleeping under the spell the stars have cast, and this bird starts to sing his joy.  I feel the way the wind feels when it comes across a copse of trees, and can weave its way gratefully through, rustling leaves at its leisure, where no buildings stand unnaturally in the way.  I feel the way a star might feel as it stands in its glorious solitude knowing fully confident that it is not alone, no it is surrounded by billions of others.  The day will come when each star has fallen across the universe, but none were alone in the journey, and each had a purpose.

What can take over when words fail?  Does the language of the soul become decipherable?  When you search my eyes, are you becoming aware of what I feel?  How do the words “I love you” convey what is truly burning beneath my breast?  Such a powerful, yet pitiful phrase, for it is not enough.  You relieve me.  You soothe the rough edges wrought by the anxiety biting away at my mind.  You calm the wild torrent that courses through my body.

Oh, you’ve found a passionate one, my love.  I hope you’re ready for it, for it’s bound to be an interesting journey…. And, for lack of better words, I Love You 🙂

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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