Where my heart lies

I was born to live in the cold weather.  It is what I was meant for.  I could never live in an area that did not get snow.  My darling northern Michigan (with which I have been parted since moving to mid-Michigan Lansing in August) is where my soul and body long to be.  I love feeling the cold wind bite at my face, and my soul delights upon seeing the barren land covered in its cold blanket.  Lansing still gets a lot of snow, and nothing made me happier than waking up Thanksgiving morning to see it on the ground, but it is tame compared to other areas.  The first snow always gladdens me, it is still pure and white; I try not to think that it will soon be brown with pollution.  I adore the cold smell of pine trees, the glitter like diamonds in the moonlight, your breath swirling frozen through the air.  My favorite sight in the winter is driving along a road crowded with trees along the side, and seeing the snow and ice cover them like frosting.  I love the crunch made on packed snow by tires and boots.  I love seeing the horses on the farm running through the powder, kicking it up in their frenzied playing.  The price I pay living where snow is abundant can be high, I’ve had many a terror of sliding on black ice, and I’ve seen the devastations left by way of car accidents and sub-freezing temperatures.  But I choose to risk it, I would not trade my blizzards for perpetual warmth.  Keep your eternal sunshine, it is not exciting enough for me.  I cannot survive where there is no winter.  It is what my poetic heart was made for, for what stirs up passions more than nature?  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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