That which is, could never be isn’t

Melancholy have I been of late.  Still feeling joy, and peace, and happiness.  But Melancholy would be the best way to describe my state of being.  I simply am.  A true Pisces, I do not feel that I truly belong in this world.  It’s joys to me are erratic, fleeting, and at times lack intensity.

I am a searcher.  Ever seeking truth and peace, my soul is often restless.  I cannot say that I am unsatisfied with myself.  How can I be, this is the life I have laid out.  But more, I cry, MORE!  From each new thing I find, each new secret I unlock from the vault’s of the universe, I leap forward.  For I know that each new thing will allow more truth to filter into me and through me.

I am learning about acceptance.  Acceptance of myself, of others, of circumstances, etc.  I am content just wandering this world.  Going through its struggles and joys, knowing that all is temporary.

I am an observer.  A wanderer.  A lover.  A fighter.  A learner.  A ponderer.  This world is a wonderful place, full of many secrets and lots of magic.  I will not pass through idly.   Whatever could come next?

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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