Venerate, as you do your own, the wisdom and true guidance of another’s inner being; honor their path, be they connected and in harmony with their inner self or not. They are learning and growing too. Judge them not; do them no harm; they are co-creating with you. They do not have to agree with you. Allow them their way and truly appreciate their individuality. The vibrations of appreciation are profound, akin to those of unconditional love

Appreciation and allowing all others to be as they are, attracts full freedom to be oneself

Life only asks that we travel our individual journey with joy in our heart while allowing others to do the same, appreciating their individuality, therein blessing all those around us. This is the art of health

If what is, is not what you want, then do not energize the experience further by dwelling on it, so it is wise to focus your mental energy consciously on what you want, rather than including in your mental signal that which you do not want

And by all means, avoid inner resistance to your wishes. Weed out any contrary, habitual thoughts and beliefs you hold. Do not contradict the manifestation of what feels good to you by dwelling for any extended period on imagined obstacles to its manifestation. Weed out any negativity that vibrates resistance. Seek the company of those that uplift you and see your health and beauty. Fully allow your desires to come to you in their perfect time; they will come to pass; enjoy the process of the returning experience of wellness; follow your inspired actions, for they will be in harmony with your creation; relish the journey

I know without a shadow of a doubt that well-being is your true experience—that very high passionate vibration of well-being, having no resistance within it

Let cheerfulness deflect all oppressive doubt and depression

See another’s suffering only long enough to feel your desire within you to help them, but do not let their suffering take you to it

Your greatest value to others is when you are joyful, when you are connected to who you are. Your greatest value to others is when you are radiantly healthy, when you are happy; to have and to be and to do all the things that are very important to YOU. When you are doing these things that make you feel good, that bring you joy and vitality, you are a catalyst inspiring others to an awareness of that. You are a natural healer, a health seer, a perfect health ally

And, as herbalists, whenever possible show these wonderful people to the gardens, to the fields and other places where plants live, for the companionship of living plants is truly the highest level, the premier expression of herbal medicine. Let folks’ minds and hearts be truly uplifted by the silent language of the flower kingdom, words expressed through the pure positive energy radiating from the beauty and vitality of each living plant. Let the rhythm of human pulse be influenced by plants’ enchanted connection with the cycles of absolute well-being and the jubilant abundance of Earth. Entreat yourself and others to meditate within these surroundings, this uplifting environment that assists one’s mind to become calm and widen its outlook, allowing an individual to feel the visions of what he or she truly wants, rediscovering and confirming pathways to their bliss.

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