The Power of You

Why is it that certain songs, books, quotes, etc, resonate within one being, but not another?  A certain song brings up powerful emotions, an exerpt in a book brings about fits of joy that can only be expressed through wild dancing.  Why does a meeting with one person leave one shaking with emotion, yet another person does not cause vibrations with any intensity whatsoever?

Sometimes I feel like I have the answers at my fingertips.  And then, in a moment, hurt comes pushing down the vines of growth and I feel once again wrought with pain and feelings akin to helplessness.  Raw and exposed, pure emotions rage their way into the atmosphere, given life and energy within the womb that is my body and soul.  Every emotion, whether positive or negative, is started within yourself, and it is up to you what you choose to give life.  ( I let my mind wander as I write, so forgive the meandering, at times intense, course that they wander).

Sometimes, in my reality, my world, I feel as though I am the antagonist, a bump in the road for someone else to overcome.  I connect more with the ‘mean girl’, the manipulative character who feigns friendship just in order to gain her own advantage.  And other times, I am the protagonist, overcoming all odds to be raised higher and higher and receive the happily-ever-after ending.  I suppose we play all parts in a lifetime, because our interactions with others have cause-and-effect on many things.

I pray to be a vessel of love and inspiration, and to flow with the changes instead of resisting them.  It gets easier and easier to change my negative thoughts into positive ones.  I care not what others think of who I am and how I live.  I have heard bruising gossip about me, and have endured criticism and scorn.  But, my life is my life.  And I seek out those people who see love and beauty within me, and who uplift me just as I uplift them.  I pray for the wisdom to take in negativity and turn it into positivity.  This world needs all the kindness out there.  And trust me, the universe feels every loving thought, every tender caress, just as it receives every dark feeling and malicious intent.  So be wise in what you think, wiser in what you say.  You are powerful.

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I am a learner.
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