let love flow through you

There are so many things which I long to learn.  To learn the ancient arts, and current arts that have fallen out of favor.  Homesteading.  Glass blowing.  Continuing my pottery making.  Herbal knowledge.  A few of the things which I long for the most are to be a mother; to create a beautiful Garden of Eden full of energy and love and life; to be an inspiration for others; to allow life’s energy to flow unrestricted through my being.  Oh, let me be not insincere.  I will not live as a fake, a ghost.  I will experience all that life has to offer.  And I will cherish the life.

I will be a catalyst inspiring others on to greater reaches and greater experiences.  I desire for all to feel true, honest love.  Even if for just a moment. For in that moment, all the world is joyful and the soul is uplifted.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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