My Food Evolution

So I have a huge issue with the food of our culture.  It is WAAAYYY too processed for my tastes. And there are just too many ingredients.  Slowly, over the course of a few years, I have been fine-honing my eating habits.  Here’s a brief chronology of my food-related habits:

As child, I was a very picky eater.  We’re talkin’ mac n cheese with hotdogs and pretty much nothing else.  I mean, I used to pick all the minuscule, practically non-existent pieces of pepper out of sloppy joe mixes.  If that tells you anything about how I ate.  Fast-forward to college and you see me eating a lot of frozen food and Annie’s organic macaroni. Granted, the mac was organic and the frozen meals were kashi (processed whole grains). And then the epiphanies started coming.  And I started to realize the importance of eating fresh, organic produce.  And gradually my consumption of frozen, packaged and fake foods has dwindled down to the occasional snack here and there.

I have a goal to be completely self-sustaining when it comes to food.  As in, I do not want to eat anything that does not come from my garden or is at least from local produce and made myself.  Eventually, I would like to eat an all-raw diet that consists of food that was foraged for or grown with intent in my garden.

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