Mother Maple

Sometimes, when I am sad, confused, directionless, etc, I am compelled to visit various beings.  This morning it was Mother Maple.  I had long confused Mother Maple with an oak tree.  For she effused a wise and gentle radiance of understanding and compassion.  The same feelings I get from oak trees.  She is a magnificent being.  And I admit I was surprised to find she was a tree of the Maple variety.  But I shouldn’t have been, seeing how there is a maple/beech forest just beyond her stately figure.  She is wisdom.  The frontline of the forest is the guardian, and the rest of the forest are the dancers.  The young ones.  You would see what I mean about the guardians.  There is a definitive line of trees when you enter the forest that appear as though armed, and would be ready in a moment’s notice to forcefully attack anything with evil intent entering the forest.  No joke.  Just you come and see my forest if you need convincing.  Just further on into the woods, the trees have a much more peaceful, fun-loving feel.  They are obviously young spirits.

Back to the Mother Maple.  She stands quite a distance into the meadow, between the house and the forest.  And she radiates calm wisdom.  And at times, I feel her pull me to her.  And I inevitably come, and am lulled into her embrace.  Her earthen smell, her gentle touch with bark that grabs onto my clothes and hair as though wishing to have me melt into her presence completely.  And when I am crying, she soothes me into silent reverie, helping me to remember my blessings.

Just today, I went to her in a state of confusion, anger, and sorrow.  And as her spirit gentled my own, she called upon the wind to dance with her leaves.  And they began to fall down around me.  Their gentle, crisp-sounding ‘tap’ as they collide with the earth and the dry grass.  What a soothing sound.  The wind brushed my cheeks and laughed as it tangled my hair.  And I fell back into the enfolding flesh of Mother Maple, resting in her steadfast figure.  And joy returned once more.

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