Back to the jungle

There’s a fire in my soul.  A deep stirring of passion, and it sends shivers through my body.  I have been longing to go back to Costa Rica.  It calls me.  To go back to Punta Mona, the amazing sustainable learning center in the middle of the jungle.  It has almost been a year since I spent a month long internship there, and still I dream of it.  My dreams are all the same though- I am headed to Punta Mona, and then I realize that I have some obligation back in the States that prevents me from being back in the jungle.  Yet it calls me.  The sea is calling me, the jungle paths are calling me.  It all says to come back.  And I will.  But now is not the right time.  I must have faith that it will all be in good time.  My desire is strong.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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