Is it so strange that I love my horse in the way I do?  That I desire to build a bond with him that defies belief?  He brings to me delight and happiness.  He is the manifestation of joy.  He is my best friend.

What I love about my boy Tanner is the companionship we give to each other.  When I go visit him, I mix up the activities.  Sometimes I work with him and play games.  Sometimes I go for a trail ride with my girlfriend Jenni and her girl Destini.  Other times I just sit with him as he grazes, coming to check on me every few minutes and pressing his nose into my face.  And when I ride (I prefer bareback) and feel the wind in my hair, I defy physical law. It is glorious….

My heart melts when I am with Tanner.  When I gaze at his perfect form; see his soulful and gentle eyes; ride across the field with him.  I love him so.  I know he feels it, because I feel his love for me.

A goal of mine is to not use any tack at all when riding him.  I love riding bareback; I feel so much more connected with him.  And to be in perfect communion with him, and to communicate exactly what I want and not have to use a bridle would be the ultimate.  He is more to me than just some creature with which to get what I want.  He brings joy to my soul.

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I am a learner.
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