battling a corporation

I must say, with brutal and complete honesty, that I am scared shitless by the Monsanto corporation.  When I keep thoughts of what they are doing far from the forefront of my thoughts, I can continue going about my days in a generally blissful way.  But every now and then, I am reminded of who they are and what they are doing and I get downright terrified in a Freddie-Krueger-style nightmare.  Because there is so much that we do not know that is going on regarding our food habits and what we eat, and the treatment of the foods we eat, that is horror-movie material.

I am slowly removing corn from my diet, and soy products as well.  Because these are highly genetically modified products that are impossible to find in an untampered manner.  While genetic modification of food products may have some benefits in this day and age, for the most part it speaks evil to my spirit.  I feel horror when I think of these unfoods.  It is not the fault of the plant, and I harbor no ill thoughts to the individual plants that have been genetically modified.  And I have to think positively that these GMOs were created with sincere concern for improving the lives of humans.  But it has been taken too far.  And to know that GMOs are now produced not for our benefit, but to strengthen the monetary value of processed ‘food’ for giant corporations such as Monsanto, and others whose names are escaping me at this moment, causes me to shiver with fear.   I must allow what I do to be enough for the moment, and to keep fighting.  I pray for strength and truth to come to me.  And to be united with others who have the same values and thoughts that I have.  To be strong in our actions.

Please learn about them and take any action you think necessary.

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