The depths of my being

I have a constant prayer.  It is to be surrounded by people of inspiration. To have a support network to lend a hand when I am in need.  To keep a network of love going onward and upward.  Where I am now is in a state of birth.  Birthing ideas, birthing joy.  And a state of discovery.  Discovering who I am (always in progress), and what it is for which I stand.  Honing in on what matters the most to me.  At the heart of it all is my Mother.  The earth.

I will never stop wandering.  Even if the best and most productive wandering is in the broad expanse of my mind.  I will never stop seeking the truth.  Even if the truth brings feelings of an intensity I find hard to handle.  I have a goal; a destination.  And while my paths may lead me all over the place (and I hope they do), I will end up at my destination.  It’s not always about being on the straightest path, or keeping feelings of anger or depression and the like at bay, or arriving at your destination in the quickest time.  If your base is pure and you serve all that is love, you will not fail.  It is not an option.

We are all on separate journeys, and we all experience different lives.  And that is ok.  Acceptance is a true gift, so learn it well.  And keep on being YOU.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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