The Magic of Calendula

I have gotten the urge to write about one of my favorite plants.  My guardian plant.  Calendula!  Calendula is one of those plants gracing our planet with medicinal, culinary, garden enhancement, etc properties.  It is not just a beautiful flower, it is so much more.

The reasoning behind calendula being one of my favorite plants is because of its usefulness.  It’s eye-catching petals have an effulgence all their own, which is only the start to its many uses.  Medicinally, it has many properties.  It can be drunk as a tea to bring calmness of mind and steadying of nerves.  It can be used to help with a plethora of skin problems, including acne, eczema, rashes, and more.  It is can be used as a salve or applied fresh for cuts, scrapes, burns, and chafed skin or lips.  So far, my favorite usage of it is to make an oil infusion of it and add it to my salves.  But there are so many more uses that I have not yet discovered!  I also enjoy using it in a steam bath in the morning.  It has a delightfully heady scent that encompasses your whole being with its rationality.

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