The yoop

I figured it’s about time I got a new blog on here.  I’ve been lacking in my literary actions.  I just haven’t really felt like writing a new blog.  I’ve been so busy learning what it takes to be a yooper!  (For all those who don’t know, a yooper is someone who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Harsh territory hah).

As I am prone to do, I have managed to fill up my days with lots of fun things- banjo lessons, knitting groups, trips to Minnesota, beers at the local brewery, etc etc.

My house and its inhabitants are wonderful!  The house is a modest size; just big enough for the three people, dog, and cat which reside within its walls.  I already feel as though I have lived here for years rather than days!  Patricia works at the Forestry Research Center through Michigan Tech, having finished her Master of Forestry a few years ago.  She is a climate change outreach specialist.  Not quite sure what that means yet 🙂  Christine (known as Jones) is finishing up her MF degree.  She’ll only be living here til December, after which she’ll be moving out to California to be with her partner.  Kylie is a German Shepard who looooves to play and cuddle.  And Luna is a furry mass of all things cattish.

It appears that I have taken over the majority of the house with all my belongings.  I will need to do some major cleaning!  Things have begun to find their places, but I still have too many material possessions for my own good!  Perhaps come spring, when weather warms again, I will do a thorough cleaning and get rid of all that is not necessary (which is most of my stuff).

Although the growing season here is short, I have managed to find the local co-op and stock up on locally grown produce.  Lettuce, kale, potatoes, etc.  I am already excited about and planning my garden here in the back yard for next season!  Row covers, cold frame, cold hardy crops; lots of things to extend the season!

If you pause to think of me, please make sure your thoughts are warm and full of love.  I need encouragement sent my way, especially when I start my program in January!

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I am a learner.
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