this joyful life

Sometimes the world, if even for just a moment, is pure goodness.  There are just some moments where everything falls together the way it was meant to, and one can relax, for that moment, in the joy that comes from things going as they are meant.  When I feel that joy upwelling within me, I am incapable of suppressing it.  And I often spontaneously burst out in a fit of laughing or dancing wildly.  And nothing my eyes see, or my ears hear, is anything but pure goodness.

It gives me great pleasure to see others doing things that make them happy.  Because it is when we are doing those things that bring ourselves joy that we can be most beneficial to others.  I used to deal with jealousy over the talents and skills of others because I felt incompetent in my own life.  Now, rather than feel jealousy, I rejoice in the beauty of creation by humans doing what they enjoy, whether it be knitting, singing, thinking, being with their children, etc.    Even seeing others struggling with something can be a source of joy and wonderment for me.  Someone overwrought by an unbearable ennui gives me hope that that person will overcome and discover the pure joy of living.  Someone suffering from depression causes me to daydream into his or her future and imagine them seeing the other side of that depression.  Because one cannot truly appreciate the good without understanding the bad.

This world to me is meant to be lived full-heartedly.  That means embracing and working through the pain and suffering that arise in our lives.  And accepting with gratitude the joys and accomplishments of what it means to be human.  This earth is wild, tempestuous, capricious, overwhelming, joyful, celebratory, and undeniably good. That I know for certain.

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I am a learner.
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