Sometimes I cannot think enough to write a single word.  There are times when I feel a creative something start to bubble up, but when it comes time to write it down, the feeling leaves, and nothing remains but a small, remorseful hint of the idea that was there.  Perhaps it is those times that I must push onward and upward, and get something, anything, written down.  I get caught up in the fatal “I’m not creative enough”, and I know I am NOT the only one to get caught up in that.  And that fatal statement kills your creativity.  To near extinction.  I urge you, and myself, to fight off that predator in your psyche, the one that prowls around and tells you that you are not good enough.  I urge you to find time to let loose your creative side.  It’s true that we are not all creative in the same way.  One might be creative in visual ways; an artist or a sculptor.  Another will be creative in auditory ways; a musician.  Find your creativity, and please don’t get caught up in the trap that tells you that just because you are not creative in a way you think you should be, that you are not creative at all.  Be creative in the way that feeds your soul.  Dance, act, sing, laugh, draw, paint, make music, run, love, observe, make connections between things no one else would be able to, design, organize, cook, whistle, whittle, whatever it may be.  Sing your creative bones into being.  Nourish them.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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