Sliding down the cold metallic feel of hard truths and false wonderings

I wait for the moment to pass

until I can feel calm and at ease once more.

Politely I ask those thoughts to be on their way,

but they overstay their welcome,

gorging on my anxieties, refilling their cups to the brim

with my good intentions turned lemon-sour.

I feel the hard twist inside as those thoughts

meander their way, all too slowly,

through the depths of my body.

Releasing the floodgates of unsure realities

and fear-based decisions

Until the Wild Woman in me screams, “ENOUGH!”

“You have had your fill, your time is up.

Leave these fertile lands,

do not tread upon these fields sown with fresh seed.”

Grumbling, they obey, filtering out of my mind.

They leave trails, like old tracks that cut deep in the land

and fill again with moss and grass and wildflowers,

showing only promises and memories at their retreat.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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