I struggle sometimes with envy.  And I got to thinking about this, and why it is such a ubiquitous disease throughout the world.  Not everyone feels envy, but a majority of us do.  I was thinking that our society has made envy stronger than it has a right to be, and I went on a rant about this one night to a good friend (well, my boyfriend, but I’ve always been weird about that term).  He brought it to my attention that even if we were not surrounded by the media and images I so vehemently spoke against, there would still be envy felt within every body.  A person who was not favorably blessed in the physical department would still notice how another might capture more attention by others of the opposite (and same) sex.  And envy would be nurtured within the mind.  However, I am sure the nature of envy has been altered over the course of time.  Made stronger by persistent images of what ‘perfection’ looks like.  Women in particular are constantly barraged by images of the ‘ideal’ woman.  And as a result, not one can escape feelings of insecurity of times.  I can’t always win the battle, no matter how hard I fight.

I was thinking about the roots of envy.  Envy has such potential to be a very strong motivator.  It can encourage us to take care of our bodies and our looks so that we can look our best.  We DO like to be considered attractive to potential mates, after all.  I feel like envy gets taken to a new level though, where instead of being productive, it is destructive. Instead of motivating us to action, it depresses us and keeps us down with thoughts of pessimism.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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