The hope seeds contain

Nothing I do makes me more happy than planting seeds, which I did today on my porch.  What a good feeling it gives me!  I get pretty much the same feeling from cooking delicious food, but there is something extraordinarily special about planting seeds and watching their miraculous entry into the world.  It is such a hopeful process, full of lots of faith.  Faith in your ability to nurture something to life, faith in the processes that go on within the plant, faith in the health of the soil in which they are planted.  Seeds contain enough hope for the whole world in my opinion.

Seeds are so tiny, so fragile.  They must contain hope that they will fall into hands that will plant them with love and encouragement.  I always play inspirational music when I plant (usually Seth Bernard and May Erlewine) and sing along, because in my heart I know seeds respond to the positivity emanating from the music and my body.

This will be my first experiment with the growing season and the soils of the UP.  I’m not sure what will happen, but the process has begun!


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I am a learner.
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1 Response to The hope seeds contain

  1. Awesome Aleta! I am so proud of you and all the accomplishments you have made spiritually in your life! All my love to you darling angel. Please keep the miracles flowing…save seeds, plant trees, and tell good stories to children!

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