Glad tidings of the earth

Ah, my seeds are germinating, finally!  Oh how beautiful it is.  What a thrill when I observe their magic.  I felt like a child when I first saw them.  One day, it was just two arugula seeds, and the next all the others were exploding!  Chamomile, yarrow, beets, calendula, arnica….so many!

Also, today was a work day at Wintergreen Farm in Ontonagon.  I am getting a CSA share through them this summer.  $300 dollars for 16 weeks of produce, enough for a family of four, or two people who eat lots of veggies!  Woop!  It was so nice to be digging beds again and planting some transplants.  We transplanted peppers, tomatoes and basil today.  So wonderful!  I don’t think anything makes me quite as happy as growing food does….

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I am a learner.
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