The best and worst corporations

This is taken from a book called “The Better World Shopping Guide”, a great little book which someone wrote after 5 years of research on the best and worst, environmentally speaking, businesses and corporations.  This is a shortened list of some of what’s in this book.  I’ve listed categories for the worst corporations, followed by categories for the best corporations.  The first corporation under each category, in bold font, is a highlighted corporation that the book’s author (Ellis Jones) commented on, with an explanation of why that corporation is good/bad.  That is followed by several examples of other companies he listed under the category.  For the ‘worst corporations’, I’ve listed those graded at a D or F.  For the best companies, I’ve listed those graded at an A, or a B+.  Those with an A were often created specifically to change the industry and be responsible leaders.  Those with a B are representative of mainstream companies actively trying to change the industry.  Those with a D are those companies that are involved in practices that have significantly negative consequences for humans and the environment, while those with an F represent companies that are actively involved in the rapid destruction of the planet and the exploitation of human beings.

Some of the worst companies:

-Baked goods and baking supplies: Kraft: Multinational Monitor (MM) “worst corporation list” for the last five years, currently the target of two major boycotts, Greenwash award for public deception, named global climate change laggard *Nestle, Nabisco, Carnation, Banquet

-Beer: Miller: Part of #2 worst company on the planet, MM’s “worst corporation’ list for the last five years, currently target of two major boycotts, spent over $100 million on lobbyists *PBR, Milwaukee’s Best, Foster’s, Guinness, Red Stripe

-Body Care: Lubriderm (Pfizer): #17 in “Top 100 Corporate Criminals”, worst environmental record in the industry, continues animal testing *Chapstick, Coppertone, Bananaboat, Jergens, Mitchum

-Butter/Margarine: Parkay: “climate change laggard”, MM’s ‘Worst corporation list’ for two years, #50 in ‘Top 100 corporate criminals’ list *Blue Bonnet, Fleischmann’s, Country Crock, Promise, Imperial, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Land O’ Lakes

-Candy: M & M’s/Mars: MM’s ‘10 worst corporations’ list, suppliers use child slave labor, target of the fair trade campaign *Wonka, Nestle, After Eight, Kraft, Trolli, Twix, Starburst, Skittles, Snickers, Milky Way, Three Musketeers, Life Savers

-Canned beans and chili: Hormel: supports inhumane factory farming, refuses disclosure to consumers *Libby’s, Ortega, Taco Bell, Rosarita’s, Van Camp’s, Stagg, Dinty Moore

-Canned Fruit and Vegetables: Libby’s: Greenwash Award for public deception, named global climate change laggard, undermines overseas health standards *DelMonte, Contadina

-Cars: General Motors: named #1 polluter in auto industry, leader in fighting clean air legislation, EPA designated plant as a superfund site, paid $50 million to Washington lobbyists *Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, Chevrolet, Saab, Hummer, Pontiac, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Chrysler, Infinit, Nissan, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Isuzu, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury

-Cereal: Post: Part of #2 worst company on the planet, MM’s ‘Worst Corporation’ list for part five years, Currently target of two major boycotts, named global climate change laggard *Kraft, Nabisco, Weight Watchers

-Chips: Nabisco: Greenwash Award for public deception, refuses to disclose data on diversity, spent over $100 million on diversity, continues to do business in Burma, named global climate change laggard

-Chocolate: Nestle: “most irresponsible”  corporation award, aggressive takeovers of family farms, involved in child slavery lawsuit, baby formula human rights boycott *Toblerone, Swiss Miss, Dove

-Cleaning products: Clorox: MM’s “10 worst corporations’ list, continues animal testing, refuses disclosure to consumers, major producer of chlorine-dioxin (super chemical, look it up, it’s bad news) *PineSol, Tilex, Glad, Liguid Plumr, Chore Boy, Wizard, Sara Lee, Arm & Hammer, WD40, Hefty

-Clothing: Dillard: No code of conduct for sweatshops, refuses disclosure on business, named “Sweatshop laggard” by CEP *Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, LA Gear, Guess, Kmart, Fruit of the Loom, Land’s End

-Cosmetics: Maybelline: continues animal testing, ingredients include known carcinogens, target of two major boycotts *Revlon, Almay, L’Oreal,Sally Hanson, Nivea, Cutex, La Cross

-Dairy Products: Kraft: Multinational Monitor (MM) “worst corporation list” for the last five years, currently the target of two major boycotts, Greenwash award for public deception, named global climate change laggard *jell-O, Nestle, Hunt’s, Reddi-Whip

-Eggs: Egg Beaters (ConAgra): involved in major accounting scandal, 2nd largest E. Coli meat recall in history, many worker safety and health violations *Lucerne, Eggland’s Best

-Electronics: GE: Major weapons producer (including land mines), creator of five superfund sites, target of environmental boycott *Mitsubishi, Daewoo, Energizer, Samsung, Goldstar/LG, Microsoft

-Energy bars: Balance: part of #2 worst company on earth, named global climate change laggard, undermines overseas health standards, #1 contributor to Washington lobbyists *Powerbar, Slimfast, Kudos

-Energy drinks: Full Throttle (Coke): MM’s “10 worst corporations” list for the last three years, hinders clean water access abroad, target of major human rights boycott *Country Time, Kool-Aid, Powerade

-Frozen dinners: Stouffer’s (Nestle): Aggressive takeover of family farms, baby formula human rights boycott, “most irresponsible” corporation award, involved in union busting outside US *Boca, Hot Pockets, Healthy Choice, Marie Callendar’s, Banquet, Boston Market, Uncle Ben’s

-Gasoline: Exxon-Mobil: #1 worst corporation on planet, renowned human rights violator, #5 in “top 100 corporate criminals

-Meat products: Tyson foods: MM’s “worst corporation’ list for last two years, CEP “F” for Overall Social Responsibility, guilty of 20+ violations of Clean Air Act *Oscar Mayer, Slim Jim, Butterball, Libby’s, Banquet, Hormel, Jenny-O’s, Farmer John, SPAM

-Pasta and sauce: Kraft: Multinational Monitor (MM) “worst corporation list” for the last five years, currently the target of two major boycotts, Greenwash award for public deception, named global climate change laggard, part of #2 worst company on earth *Buitoni, Chef Boyardee, Hunt’s, Contadina, Classico, Ragu, Bertolli, Knorr, Lawry’s

-Retail Stores: Wal-Mart: #3 worst company on the planet, CEP “F” for Overall Social Responsibility, sex-discrimination class-action lawsuit, documented exploitation of child labor *Rite-Aid, Kmart, Maytag, Costco, Sears, JC Penney, Wal-greens, Best Buy

-Soda products: Coca-Cola: MM’s “worst corporations” list for three years, hinders clean water access abroad, target of major human rights boycott *Barq’s, Fanta, Sprite, Minute Maid

And some of the best products:

-Baked goods and baking supplies supplies: King Arther Flour: 100% Family owned, Business Ethics award winner, partners with Stonyfield farms *Rapunzel, Hain, Bob’s Red Mill, Arrowhead Mills, Eden

-Beer: New Belgium Brewing Company: 1st 100% wind-powered brewing company, conserves 50% more water than the average brewing co, employee-owned, has given $1.6 million to local community *Sierra Nevada, Rogue, Sam Adams

-Body Care: Tom’s of Maine: Powered by 100% renewable energy, gives 10% of products to non-profits, part of the #3 ranked best company on the planet *Aveda, Preserve, Dr. Bronner’s, Aubrey, Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, Jason

-Butter/Margarine: Organic Valley: Small family farmer-owned co-operative, gives 10% of profits to local community, humane animal treatment a priority *Straus Family, Horizon, Spectrum, Organic Pastures

-Candy: St. Claire’s: all products are certified organic, 10% of profits are given to rainforest medicine, no animal by-products are used (vegan) *Ginger People, Haribo

-Canned beans and chili: Eden Foods: ranked #9 best company on the planet, Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) gave them the highest ranking on the social responsibility scorecard, Co-op America (CAM) certified them as a Green Business *Amy’s, Walnut Acres, Westbrae

-Canned Fruit and Vegetables: Muir Glen:  First organic tomato process in the US, CAM certified Green Business, Environmental leader in the food industry *Santa Cruz, Westbrae, Progresso, Green Giant

-Cars: Toyota: Ranked #1 most ethical automaker, Industry leader in fighting climate change, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) Green Power Leader award winner, created an $8 billion diversity program *Lexus, Scion, Acura, Honda

-Cereal: Peace Cereal: 10% of profits go towards peace building, sponsors of socially responsible awards, complete line of organic cereals *Cascadian Farms, Health Valley, Arrowhead Mills, Barbara’s, Nature’s Path, General Mills, Pillsbury

-Chips: Kettle Chips:  100% of waste oil turned into biodiesel, Restored local wetland habitats, one of the largest solar arrays in NW, give tons of potatoes to hunger orgs

-Chocolate: Endangered Species: fair-trade, organic, slave-free, suppliers are small, family-owned farms, eco-certified (LEED) production plant, 10% of profits donated to wildlife groups *Equal exchange, Dagoba, Newman’s Own, Green & Black’s

-Cleaning products: Seventh Generation: #1 best company on the planet, winner of the Sustainability Report Award, winner of the Socially Responsible Business Award *Ecover, Dr. Bronner’s, Citra-Solv, ECOS, Orange-Mate

-Clothing: American Apparel: Makes organic, sweatshop-free clothing, highest standards in the industry, workers are paid $15/hr *Maggie’s, Patagonia, Deva lifewear, Levi Strauss, Liz Claiborne, LL Bean, Nordstrom, Nike

-Cosmetics: Aveda:  Products never tested on animals, perfect score on social responsibility, sustainable sourcing of ingredients *Burt’s Bees, Aubrey, Kiss My Face, The Body Shop, Ecco Bella, EO, Dr. Haushka

-Dairy Products: Stonyfield Farms:  10% of profits go to environmental groups, receiver of the Business Ethics Award, winner of numerous eco-awards *Strauss Family, Brown Cow, Horizon, Organic Valley, Tillamook, Cabot, Yoplait

-Eggs: Organic Valley: Small family farmer-owned co-operative, gives 10% of profits to local community, humane animal treatment a priority *Horizon Organic

-Electronics: Sony: Environmental leader in the industry, Sustainable business award winner, Covalence Ethical Rankings (CER) #2 Best Ethical Ranking *Sony, Kodak, Toshiba

-Energy bars: CLIF: #7 best company on the planet, winner of the Business Ethics Award, EPA Green Power Leader award winner *Bumblebar, Larabar, Health Valley

-Energy drinks: Bossa Nova: plants a tree for every bottle purchased, uses wild harvested rainforest plants, works directly with Rainforest Alliance *Monster, Energy, Gatorade, Propel, Starbucks

-Frozen dinners: Amy’s Kitchen: donates food to relief efforts, CAM certified green business *Rising Moon, Seeds of Change, Totino’s

-Gasoline: BP-Amoco: largest solar power manufacturer, working with Amnesty int’l and WWF, CER Best Ethical Ranking in the industry *Sunoco, Arco, Marathon, Citgo

-Meat products: Organic Prairie:  small family farmer-owned cooperative, gives 10% of profits to local community, humane animal treatment a priority

-Pasta and sauce: Annie’s: regularly donates products to non-profits, created environmental studies scholarship, supports organic, family farms, CAM certified Green Business *Eden foods, Muir Glen, Newman’s Own, Hodgson Mill

-Retail Stores: IKEA: Works with UNICEF and Greenpeace, uses no timber from natural forests, involved in affordable housing projects, supports efforts to stop international child labor *Patagonia, REI, LL Bean

-Soda products: Steaz: Organic drinks industry leader, profits donated to Sri Lankan village, supports sustainable farming practices *Santa Cruz, Bossa Nova, Blue Sky, Newman’s Own, Pepsi, Mountain Dew

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  1. Tracey s says:

    Fuck companies that test in animals !

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  3. Hello,

    I am preparing an academic book entitled Crimes of the Powerful: An Introduction by Dawn Rothe and David Kauzlarich which will be published by Routledge in March 2016. I would like your permission to include 849 words from this post, which I understand you have adapted from a pre-existing book. If possible, could you please email me at to discuss this further?

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