Conscious thinking

I am working on holding my thoughts in awareness, in order that I may let go of all those thoughts that do not support who I AM.

This has proven to be quite difficult.

While I am a very  happy person, and am deeply in love with this life I am living, I have also made it a habit to have negative thoughts, more deeply rooted than I would like.  It’s hard to admit this; nobody wants to admit that they dwell in negativity or harbor dark thoughts.  However, that is exactly what needs to be done if one would like to change his or her way of thinking.  Admit to and become aware of those harmful thoughts.

This is what I have been trying to exercise within this mind of mine.  When I am feeling anxious and worried about anything (those thoughts which always seem to be worse at night when I lay my head down), I first focus in on those thoughts.  I admit to their presence, and try to hold them away from the rest of my thoughts.  I then think about WHY I am thinking that way, and to what purpose they serve.  They serve no purpose other than to detract from my knowledge of Who I Am.

As I break apart these negative thoughts, I realize that there is no rhyme or reason to why they are meandering, and at times racing, through my head.  And in that instant, I am free.  While they usually come back, and I must do this over and over until I fall asleep, for one instantaneous moment I am free, and that is all that matters.  I look forward to the day where I will be able to hold all my thoughts in awareness, and all my thoughts will be sponsored by Love rather than Fear.

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I am a learner.
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