messy cooking

I have always admired, been slightly jealous of, and in slight awe of those amateur-professional cooks you see on the food network cooking shows.  How do they do it?  How do they manage to keep EVERYTHING clean?  I am such a distracted cook that I bring something out of the fridge to use in a meal, forget that I brought it out, rummage through the fridge and end up getting something I hadn’t intended on getting but thought might be good to add, and completely forget to add to the meal whatever it was that I had previously brought out and forgot.  There’s no ‘just add this ingredient conveniently placed in a cute little bowl’, and forget about clean counter space.  Granted, my kitchen could fit inside a cardboard box, but still.  Propriety is out the window as I swear, grunt, throw things around on the counters looking for things as I cook.  But, meals always turn out delicious, and I think there is joy to be found in the mess of a happily used kitchen.

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I am a learner.
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