the way to a woman’s heart is through…?

So, everyone knows the common phrase ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Men are easy enough to figure out (99% of them anyway).  Do we need to list the top three things that many men enjoy and think about?  But, I have heard numerous men complain that they just can’t figure women out.  Apparently we’re just too complex.  I feel though that there is one thing a man can do that will certainly please a woman.  Compliment her! Every man should know that we LOVE compliments.  Even when we act all shy and don’t know how to respond, or deny it profusely.  Deep down, you’ve just made our hearts glow with happiness.  I can almost guarantee that it gives our brains a nice shot of those feel-good hormones, enough to get us through a sticky moment in a day.  You don’t need to compliment us every day.  And it should NEVER EVER be insincere.  But, it should be very easy for you to find something that you appreciate about the significant women in your life. It’s okay to get caught staring at a beautiful woman (some of us get ‘creeped’ out by it, and yes there can be some certifiable creepy guys out there, but for the most part it makes us feel good).  Just don’t linger with it, we might think you have some unspeakable thoughts running through your head that, quite frankly, we don’t want to know about.

So please.  Tell (and show) the woman you love that you do in fact love her, and remind her often of the way her beauty stops you in your tracks.  Tell her that you appreciate it when she cooks for you, or that the way she touches your arm drives you wild.  Tell her that you love that spark in her eyes when she talks about something about which she is passionate. Be creative!

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