A call to action

I am merely a child.  We are all merely children on this planet.  We think we know so much. And we do- we, as a species, have taught ourselves so many things, especially in the last couple hundred years (a blip on the face of eternity).  We have made available to our species the water and the sky, we have eradicated many diseases and made other diseases that have wiped out large numbers of people in the past far less of a threat.  We have altered the landscape in drastic ways to fit our lifestyle, forcing it to bend to our will far past its natural abilities.  We have made communication with a distant person possible at the touch of a button.  And there is so much more.

Even with all of those accomplishments to our species, we still don’t know how to be  happy and safely productive.  We still don’t know the answers to some of life’s most pressing questions.  We haven’t learned that what is good for one may not be good for another, and we wonder why there is so much heartbreak.  We have not learned all that our bodies are capable of, nor will we should we continue on this trajectory upon which we travel.  We have not learned to consider this planet and ourselves to be capable of such beatitude that we are not in need of everything we think we do in order to feel happy.

But still, we seek.  Still we attempt to learn the real truth hidden beneath the ashes of despair that cloud our eyes.  Still there are people out there whose sole desire is to bring about this change in attitude that will allow us to finally remember how to find peace within ourselves.  Still we cry out with that hope and faith deep within every person to awaken our souls, with hope that will not be shaken.  Beat up, bruised, bloodied and barricaded. But not shaken, and certainly not dead.  We live in difficult times; it is a time that hangs on the balance between discovery and destruction.  There are coals nestled in each of our hearts. These coals may be near burning out, but they are still warm.  They still carry the heat of life, and they are waiting to be rekindled with a thought, a word, a deed.  This earth has been used, abused, under appreciated and left to die.  But still she lives and breathes.  As long as there exist people who love her and strive to renew her to grace and harmony, she lives.

We are called to action.  We are called to remembrance.  We are called to revival and revolution.  Let us not kill ourselves anymore.  Let us remember why we are here and what we have worth fighting for.  Our existence depends on it.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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