in love with 2 wheels and an engine

I have discovered pure joy.  Thrill-inducing, can’t-stop-grinning-though-it-hurts joy.  What from you ask?  My 1984 mint condition VT700 Honda Shadow.  3500 miles.  Oh she’s sweet enough to make you cry tears of honey.  I wake up in the morning already smiling as I think about going for a ride.  I’m still learning mind you, but I already know it will be a relationship to last through time.

My boyfriend got me into them.  He has a cherry red 1997 Honda Shadow, though I think it’s a 600.  One hop on the back of his bike earlier this June was enough to make me fall head over heels.  3 weeks later, I had signed up as a standby in one of the MSF classes offered at Mich Tech.  2 weeks after that, Tim and I saw this purdy lil bike with a for sale sign on the front while he was up visiting from Ann Arbor.  I decided to go for it (the price was unrealistically low) after some debate and soul-searching as to whether it was worth the danger involved, and crossed my fingers that I’d get into the class that I signed up for 2 weeks later.  I ended up getting in by some stroke of motorcycle goddess luck and good blessing.  Now I can’t stop riding! I find myself pre-planning road trips, day trips, week long thrill trips, etc.

Now, every one who knows me just about dropped their jaws to the floor when they found out I bought a bike.  I am 5’5, 120 pounds, and non-aggressive.  Add to that the fact the bike is a 700cc and you have disbelief written all over their faces.  However, it’s a perfect match.

See ya on the roads 🙂

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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