On soul mates

Do you ever feel drawn to a person and you can’t figure out why?

I have met many people with whom I feel an intimate, dramatic and intense bond. It’s absolutely unexplainable. If I were ever to believe in reincarnation, it would be moments like those. Where I literally feel a string connecting the two of us. Occasionally, the emotions evoked are akin to pure fascination and infatuation. I’m not talking about a physical attraction to a person, like a beautiful celebrity or a charismatic leader. I’m talking about deep down soul-shaking attraction. I believe that those people we are attracted to in a beyond-physical way are in some fashion our soul mates. I always hear others talking about soul mates in a way that implies someone you’re meant to be with in this life. Your other half; the one to make you complete. I do not believe that about a soul mate. A soul mate in my opinion is one who shakes you to the bone. One who wakes you up and makes you pay attention to you. A soul mate resonates with your singular vibrations and causes you to stop following the flow of life so you can wake up to something that needs attention in order for you to grow more in order to bear your fruit.

Sometimes you may not find the reason you are drawn to this being. Not in this life. That can lead a person to go crazy, literally insane. When you feel like you can’t let someone go, that their soul calls out to you and you to theirs. This infatuation leads to dramatic ends in many cases. Ever notice that often the people you can’t quite let go of are the ones who bring out the worst in you, or maybe not the ‘worst’, but the most passion and intensity? You may fight constantly with each other, but you can’t stay away. Those people are your soul mates. Those are not people you should be in a lasting relationship with. They are short-term teachers. Learn from them, and move on.

These of course are simply my rambling thoughts on this chilly November evening. Take from them what you will 🙂

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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