Today I experienced a miracle.  I was walking down the hill towards campus when a truck drove by.  And then another.  And another.  Common scene in Houghton Mi (we’re known for record snowfalls and lots of hills.  Trucks come in handy here).  I had the usual reaction- disgust at the noise and the smells associated with city living.  But all of a sudden, I started noticing the differences in the noises that the various vehicles were making.  The squeak of breaks, the crunch of an axle going over a bump, the whoosh sound wheels make going over the sections in the highway.  After I crossed the highway, I paid attention to all the other individual sounds in my presence.  Boots scuffling, heels clicking, pants whishing, leaves rustling, and voices everywhere.

And I saw the beauty in sounds.  The pure miracle of our ability to make and perceive different sounds.  And suddenly, the city life I usually detest wasn’t quite as unbearable.  I found beauty in it.  In sounds.


*I should mention- the only reason I detest the city is because it is loud, noisy, and STINKS!  Reasons I love city living- places to go!  And people, I love people!  Oh, and Houghton isn’t really a ‘city’, it’s more of a pseudo-city.  Or a city wanna-be.  It’s on;y a city by default as it is one of two universities in the Upper Peninsula.

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