Gleefully watching glee

I have a confession to make.  Glee makes me feel….gleeful.  See what I did with that there? Glee= gleeful.  Yes.

Despite the fact that the plots are shaky, some of the characters make me shudder with extreme dislike, I hit mute on many of the songs, and I doubt many of the events that take place would be allowed in a real school setting, I am still drawn into it.

I’m slightly ashamed, but will bravely admit,  that some of the episodes of glee have brought tears to my eyes.  For example.  Ahem.  In the last scene of the last episode (Hold on to Sixteen) the whole cast sings “We are young” and I have re-watched the scene on hulu more times than I care to admit *cough about 10 today cough* and it still makes me smile.  It is just nice to imagine belonging to a community like that with people who love you because of, not despite, all your flaws and will hold your hand and steady your back when you make choices that may bring you to your knees and flood your eyes with tears.

But, I still think the plots suck!  🙂


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1 Response to Gleefully watching glee

  1. lifeofascalf says:

    I’m a Gleek, too. Although the story line is getting pretty lame/raunchy. I still watch it every week! hehe

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