Someone shine a light on my ignorance

So I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats for the last couple of days.  I usually get, mm, maybe 5 page views tops every day.  But lately it’s been a lot more than that, and all the hits have been on one blog.  The one I wrote about PIGS.  Can anyone explain to me why 60 people a day are looking up PIGS on the internet?  Is there something I don’t know about?  A pig infestation perhaps?  Someone contracted a case of trichinosis from eating undercooked pork?  A talking pig was found in southern Asia?

I mean, sure, the post was hil-AR-ious.  But, nobody was really that interested in it when I posted it (several months ago now), so there must be something going on that I’m unaware of (which is quite possible as I am often the butt of many jokes on sadly non-existent observational skills).  Maybe it’s just one person who, every day, says to themselves “I simply MUST read that fantastic story about that girl who had to chase down some escaped pigs!  Where is it, WHERE IS IT?!?” and then they proceed to look it up about 60 times a day.

In case you’d like to join the masses apparently extra-excited about my post on pigs, I’ll post the link (here) for your enjoyment.  Read away while I shake my head in disbelief and a lack of understanding at its apparent popularity.  Five months after its original posting.

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