on sensitivity as a gift to the world

Sensitivity.  Some of us have more of it than others.  Recently, I’ve opened up to the realization that I am one of those people who just seem extra sensitive to the world around them. 

I’ve always been aware of my sensitivity, but I never thought of it as a gift, which is something I’ve recently been considering.  You know how hard it is to see the gifts that occupy your body and life?  Well, others can see them a lot more plainly.  And a mentor recently told me that my sensitivity to the world, something I have in abundance, is a gift. 

My anxiety and my depression stem from sensitivity.  Normal occurances that do not affect most people, such as cutting down a tree, affect me.  I can almost feel it as though it were happening to me.  I feel the earth’s aliveness.  I feel its tenderness.  And this sensitive awareness can cause me deep sadness. 

And I’ve never thought of it as a gift.  Rather, I hated my feminine sensitivity and fought it like I have fought all aspects of my being at one point or another.  I thought of it as a weakness.  Which it is, unless cultivated and turned into a strength which can nurture the goodness of this planet.  I’d like to turn it into a positive awareness of the state of the world.  An awareness of certain things that might go unnoticed by others, but an awareness that is crucial to all that is good. 

This world needs all the sensitivity that is out there, because we are far too disengaged with what sustains us.  Being sensitive, being aware, is a way to re-engage yourself.  It is a gift.

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3 Responses to on sensitivity as a gift to the world

  1. This is such a powerful message, Aleta. I feel so lucky to read this from someone I love and respect when I find myself so often being told or feeling like I should “roll with it” or “let it go” or “stop being so dramatic”
    Sometimes, it seems like the right thing to do just to FEEL something and allow my innards the time to shake and then settle.
    Thanks, love.

  2. aletalane says:

    Glad I could cause a moment of gladness in you. Missing you over here in this little corner of earth

  3. Kevin says:

    So many of your posts testify to the vital importance of being intimately attuned with and sensorially receptive to the world we are enmeshed in. Sensitivity is, indeed, a gift. It is a connection with the surround that many of us in Western culture have been socialized to repress. I read of indigenous people weeping at the sight of trees being felled on their tribal land after it was “sold” to colonizers. What was lumber to the latter was like family to these people. The disregard for the living things with which we share this world is at the core, I feel, of so many of the crises — environmental and otherwise — we are confronted by today. We can pass laws and enact provisions and set aside preserved wildernesses, but what we need most of all is for each of us, one by one, to tap into the well of sensitivities that links us to the greater surround.

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