The night I fell in love

No, sadly, it’s not what you’re thinking.  No romantic, ever after love story.  Just a girl that’s in love with a horse.

Sound weird to you?  If you are a horse person, you’ll understand.

There is something about them that awaken ancient parts of ourselves.  We connect with their beauty, fluid grace, freedom, and run with them in our minds.  For those who would be so unfortunate as to go through life without knowing that bond between you and your horse, I hope that you may find that bond similar with something you love.

Tonight, as I was grooming Tanner, I had the most wonderful emotion arise.  He was standing with his head facing me, and walked forward to gently bump into me.  I started scratching his cheeks and he lowered his head into my belly.  He stood there for several seconds, head getting droopier and droopier as I scratched up over the top of his ears, and down to his cheeks again.  There we stood, silently exchanging a pleasant mood, letting go of the day’s excitement.

To think I had doubted bringing him up.  I knew it was time to bring him here, but was still scared and anxious.  And now, after today, I know we have something special, and that I made the right choice.  Tonight was a night that I felt true joy and peace.  I was ready to receive the grace of life.

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3 Responses to The night I fell in love

  1. This is such a happy post! Thanks for sharing, Aleta. 🙂


  2. nokotahorse says:

    You write so well and so absolutely true!

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