Reasons I am like butter

You know how you put butter in the fridge and it has a tendency to take on all the flavors floating around that cold box from which no smells and flavors can circulate out?  Much like butter, I too take on all of the flavors from my surroundings.  If I listen to a sad song, I suddenly feel as though my world will fall apart in an instant.  And if the weather happens to be cold, grey and windy, it’s a double-blow.  Were I to watch a horror movie, I would feel those same emotions of fear, causing me to keep an eye behind me for the remainder of the day (note:  I do not watch horror movies for this very reason).  Should I read a snarky and cynical blog post, I too adopt feelings of cynicism and coldness.

Also similar to butter, I go well in every dish 🙂  I tend to fit in wherever I go due to my ultra-flexible character.  Wonderful, no?

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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1 Response to Reasons I am like butter

  1. nokotahorse says:

    To be able to adapt to the environment around you is evidently a perfect proof of life! Beautiful post!

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