Musings on a sunny day

I wonder what we would see if our eyes caught different reflections from the objects we focus on.  What would I see if I had the black and white vision of a dog?  Or the sharp eyes of an eagle?  What would I no longer notice?  How different would my world be if I saw the world as a horse does?  What if, rather than touch, I felt the world through increased sight and sound and smell, or perhaps had no sight, or no hearing?  I wonder if I would notice the devastation my species has on the planet more acutely.  Maybe I would fall in love with this planet more intensely by noticing it in a different way.  How different would my lover appear to me if I could not see him, but could perhaps hear his intentions in his words, and could pick up on the various inflections of his voice?  What would I feel in the landing of a butterfly on the skin of my arm if the hairs on my arm were as sensitive as the feelers of an insect?  If I could see the wind, would it take all the mystery out of life?

If I were a dolphin, would I revel in the feeling of water rushing past my sleek body?  Were I a horse, would I gallop across a field purely to chase the feeling the wind makes as it wraps its fingers through my mane, entangling joy through its weaving?  If I were to wake up as a wolf, would I learn to recognize fear in a whole new way? If I were a tree, would I gain wisdom as I sit through hundreds of years of silent meditation?  What would a river tell me if I were a pebble sitting on the stream bottom?

I cannot know the reasons I chose to occupy this life of mine, perhaps the only reason is so that I may wonder all of these thoughts.  I get frustrated at times knowing that there’s no way to possibly know what it would be like to be anything else but who I am in this body.  But, I can imagine.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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