The spirit that moves me

The easiest part of soul-work is the recognition that you need, well, soul-work.  Don’t mistake this to mean that it is easy to discover that you need to work on yourself, because it can bring a person months, years, of torment and pain before they understand that something within them is crying out to be found, understood, listened to, and loved.

Once you realize that your soul is speaking to you, the hard work begins.  You must learn to listen, really listen to your soul.  Once it has gotten your attention, don’t let go!  It may lead you down a twisted, dark, scary path where you will happen upon things that you would rather not look at.  But this is where the real work comes in, where you change yourself to become the best you’ve ever been!  You may come across blood and guts, and skeletons and demons.  But fear not, for your inner guide will not lead you wrong.  It takes you exactly where you need to go to result in a beautiful bloom of your spirit.

My inner guide, the Goddess, my Mother, the Wild Woman, is found in every place imaginable.  I couldn’t possibly think myself alone in this heart-wrenching soul-work, for I find her in the wind, in my horse’s soft breath, in the flowers that bloom in the cracks of a sidewalk.  I find her in the deer bounding across fields.  I even find her in the dark places within me that I am scared to look upon- my anger, my sadness, my tears.  She stretches herself across my field of vision when my eyes ache from the horrors of the world.  She wraps me tenderly in swaths of soft linen that are reminiscent of grass and dew and starlight when I feel alone and lost.  She is within me and without me and shines her light down the path from where my soul is calling, telling me to not be afraid.

I will not be afraid.  I pray for the strength to walk boldly down the path that will unwrap my true self.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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