A beautiful life

Let’s compare my life to a hiking path.  While out hiking (read: living), it is very easy to complain about the steep hills, the rocks in the path, the dangerous precipice that follows some of the path, the dark bits shaded over, the valleys, the miles of desert and the days of cold.  It is just as easy to rejoice in the richly inhabited valleys, the rushing streams, the wildflowers, the grassy knolls, etc etc.  However, when I get to the top of the path (read: dying from this body), I’m going to look back at all I’ve crossed.  I’m going to see the steep hills, the beautiful mountains, the rivers that provided life, the valleys, the winters, the summers, the springs and the autumns.  I’m going to be amazed at the deserts I’ve crossed and stand in awe of the canyons I’d walked through. I will look back on this beautiful terrain wrought by a beautiful life and rejoice, for a beautiful landscape like that can only mean one thing:  I LIVED.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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