When snow is suddenly remembered

When summer is here, smelling of dewdrops and the sweet scent of new fawns, and the wind laughs as it tickles your skin, we do not remember snow.  We say, ‘Snow?  What is snow?  I do not remember that.” The warm rains soak into our skin and our fields, and makes all a vibrant green.  And then one day, the rain is cold.  We shiver as we dust off our warm jackets and make steaming mugs of tea and hot chocolate.  Suddenly, snow is faintly envisioned in the backs of our minds and we say, “Not long now.”  We tuck back folds of summer into our hearts and maybe keep a sundress in our closets so that, in deepest winter (which we now remember), we may not forget summer.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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