a horse’s wisdom

I was supposed to go to a social with a visiting scientist.  I instead found myself lingering with my horse just watching him graze on the last of summer’s grass.  I learned more from sitting with him in this time than any distinguished scientist could teach me in a day.  Contentment ran deep as I marveled the way his nose crinkles as his lips grasp those tiny green blades, his warm brown eyes and softly relaxed ears radiating satisfaction.  He never wanders far from me, always coming back to check in with a quick hello as he sniffs my arm or my face or my hand.  Then he would step off, hoof stamping gently onto the earth toe-first.  And I would sit still by his side, gazing up at his soft belly, just enjoying being.

What did I learn today?  I learned how to just be.  He told me the secret of being prepared for anything to happen, but not to anticipate.  If you anticipate, in many ways it has already happened.  Don’t do, just be.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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2 Responses to a horse’s wisdom

  1. Kevin says:

    We forget that knowledge is not necessarily something we get from “out there” or even from “in here.” It is developed on the spot through our embodied networking with the world around us — and the beings we share that knowledge and that world with.

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