Down the Rabbit Hole of Thought

Muses are a funny thing.  They come, they go, they flit, they tease.  Sometimes staying for awhile, more often than not (in my case anyway), they leave a soft impression on my heart before dashing off somewhere else.  Tonight’s muse encouraged me to write with absolutely no agenda.  To let ‘er rip.  And so I write, watching the cursor move across my screen, waiting to see where She desires me to go.  And where does She always take me? Into the heart of love.  Love like brandy, searing across throat and stomach, warming me from the inside.  Love like fire, snapping and crackling and caressing the night sky. Love like lemonade, tart and crisp and utterly refreshing.  To this, I always return.  Not knowing the how or why or the where of it.  But just knowing that Love resides in the most unlikely of places.  Love can come to me in the guise of heartbreak (which inevitably shows up in the middle of the night), but heartbreak must be explored with caution.

Heartbreak for our species, for our planet.  Heartbreak for the growing pains, pains we all must undertake.  My heart bleeds, my heart cries, my heart bows down to the Divine plan that pulses ever onward with each collective beat of the heart of the Universe.  Every instance where sorrow finds its way to the core of me, it tears me down.  Always at night, when my defenses are worn down from exhaustion.  When I am at my most vulnerable.

Vulnerability, the state of being open, empty, hesitant, and wary.  Few dare to admit to their vulnerability, because to be seen as ‘weak’ is to be seen as a failure.  Who wants to be thought of as a failure?  But, truly, the weak shall inherit the earth.  For in that weakened state, we invite truth and grace to make an appearance, if you can hold that vulnerability in any awareness at all.  Vulnerability is a wound, and when you are unaware of your wounds, if you do not tend to them, you may let in infection instead of graceful healing.

But holding your wounds in awareness allows you to control how and when they heal. Awareness opens your wounds up to Love, and so we come full circle.  For it is either Love or Fear which reside in your body.  Can both be held in equilibrium?  I do not know.  But I’ll tell you where to start- by being aware.  Remain vigilant, and the secrets of your Self will be revealed to you.

It’s interesting down which path of thought a muse can take you.

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I am a learner.
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