An Understanding

Tonight, I have reached an understanding.  I have finally understood the phrase, ‘home is where the heart is’.  In fact, I saw my heart in physical form, and even heard some of its elusive whispers.  I saw it in my horse (who happens to be the physical manifestation of a part of my soul), as he burrowed his head into my chest.  I saw my heart in him as we stood silently breathing together, my head pressed into his cheek, his whiskers tickling my chin.   I saw it in my ever-present barn cat companion, Camille (Camilla-bean) as she trotted up meowing her affection, ready to accompany us on an evening stroll through the pasture and woods.

I heard the whispers of my heart in the not-too-distant cricket chorus, playing an evening serenade.  I heard it in the breath of my horse, and the lowing of the neighbor’s cows.  I felt the peace of my heart in the chilly late summer air, and the feel of grass and soil beneath bare feet.  I felt the joy of my heart in the head-to-tail petting of the cats, and the soft warmth of the horses necks.

I will carry this understanding with me, tucked into the spaces between breath and heart, to be saved for a day when joy and peace are far from me.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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