You break with Love

There comes a time when you must let it all break, let it all out.  Our bodies, our minds, can only hold so much.  Dear one, you are full to the brim with passion, lust, and desire for life. And we can hold so much, and let our passions keep us so strong for so long.  However, the illusion that we must remain steadfast throughout our whole lives, with everything that envelopes us, is just that, an illusion.  When the time is right, pain comes through like whiplash, and even as I see you break, so too do I see you, in a wholeness all its own, contain all the pieces to be used again when you are ready for re-building.

You may not understand what it is that causes you to break.  You may feel your passion burn you red-hot, and your wound is a Holy one.  You may rage, and ravage, and snap and growl.  You may moan, and keen and wail.  You may silently withdraw until your own red-hot soul comes to cauterize the wound.

When your soul does come, She’ll bring holy water to bathe your ragged bits.  She’ll tenderly mold all those pieces you’ve been holding onto, white-knuckled, back together. She’ll open your most tender areas and show you how tenderness is a blessing and a healer.

So hold on through the heartbreak, hold tight to yourself through the ups and the downs and the times when everything hurts so bad that you can’t remember why you’re here. Settle yourself into the sacredness of those moments. When the tears slow and your shaking stops, when your vision clears and your pain subsides, you will see that you are whole (again and always) and your once muffled heart will beat clearly again. The rhythm of your heartbeats will regain its steadfast nature and will once again push you onward, gently allowing you to fall in tune with the tempo of the earth. Allow that sweet, lulling tempo to pull you in and hold you, and then slowly let you go so that you may learn and grow from your experiences.

And so, the cycle goes on.  You’ll rise, and fall, and rise again.  The sensual nature of the Universe will caress you inside and out, and always keep you safe.  You belong to this world, and this world belongs to you.  Don’t ever forget.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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