This one’s for the broken-hearted

This one’s for the broken-hearted.  This one’s for those whose beating hearts have been bruised and shaken and left for dead, yet still kept on beating.  This one’s for those whose path is narrow and twisted and dark, and for those who don’t even know they are lost.

this one’s for you.

For you, whose trembling knees have barely kept you standing (yet still you stand), shaking all the harder while you stare, wide-eyed and desperate, at this wild and mixed-up hurting world.  Your strong elbows (holding your bent head, heavy with desperation) which currently are soaked in your tears.  Every gut-wrenching sob fills you with a tangible electricity and leads you down into your innermost sanctum. There’s a deep pool down there, lapis lazuli and unimaginably deep, disguised and shimmery, but definitely (infinitely) there for those with eyes to see and hearts to interpret.

Capable of healing your deepest wounds and reviving even the faintest of souls.

Let the wisdom of your own inner pool show you the way home.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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